Desert Sharks Parrot Head Club - Partying with a Purpose, Doing Good Works While Having Phun


The Desert Sharks Parrot Head Club has been proudly serving Parrot Heads in Tucson and Southeast Arizona since 2003.

We are a collection of folks who embrace the music and writings of Jimmy Buffett and believe in "leaving things just a little better than we found them - and having PHUN while doing it."    

Quietly Making Noise
This is how we "Party with a Purpose"

First quarter 2018:

Bike Path Clean Up - 78 volunteer hours
RMcD House Chef for a Day - 42 volunteer hours & $260 food donations
Super Bowl party - Honor Flight - $103
St. Patrick's Day party - Hands of Friends - $600
Doce de Mayo party - Fisher House - $2000
Unophical volunteer hours - 360 hours
Total donated = $2963
Total hours = 627

Second quarter 2018:

Trying to Reason with Monsoon Season party - Humane Society - $1100

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